200 Mile Challenge

My prize package for my 100 Mile Run/Walk Challenge and 100 Bike Miles came !!! It was only designed for 100 in general, but someone had to be an over achiever and add an extra 100 bike miles. Some things sounds so good at the time….100 Mile Challenge (7)

I got a medal, tank top and a diamond.
100 Mile Challenge (6)

Here is the front of the tank.  Shine bright like a diamond.
100 Mile Challenge (4)

Here is the back.  I am a diamond, I cannot be broken. 100 miles conquered.  I need to sharpie in, plus 100 bike miles.
100 Mile Challenge (5)

Here is the front of the medal up close.
100 Mile Challenge (1)

And the back.
100 Mile Challenge (3)

Here is my little diamond !! How cool is that for part of the package.
100 Mile Challenge (2)

This challenge was not easy, but it was fun. It was not a race, it was challenge. Designed to bring women from all different locations, from all different fitness levels of fitness together and cheer each other on. Some pretty seasoned athletes, some just starting out. But we were all together, with different deadlines, and one goal. To conquer something challenging together. Show support. Encourage. Build up and not tear down.
100 Mile Challenge (8)

Have a great day friends. Show someone some support today. Encouraging words. A kind compliment. A simple smile as you pass by. Build up more, tear down less.


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