100 Mile Challenge (Finished 4-30-18)

I finished !!  Got down to the last wire on time. Considering I did half the miles in the first 3 weeks and the other half in the last week alone….I’ll take it just that I even finished !

Mileage Final 04.30.18

My legs definitely need a break. The end of April was my personal goal. Once the challenge ends for everyone in a few months, I’ll get a medal, a tank that says “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” on the front and “I Am a Diamond, I Cannot Be Broken” on the back. Will also receive an actual little diamond too !!

Mileage Final 100 mile challenge

I would definitely do another one but I will definitely NOT add the extra 100 bike miles to it. I’ll keep it strictly to the required miles and that’s it. I have learned my lesson to over-challenge myself.  It was still a very fun challenge with an amazing group of women at all different fitness levels encouraging each other to keep going and not give up.


Have you ever done a challenge like this?

Or a virtual race?  I’d like to do one of those next.

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