100 Foot Expandable Hose with Sprayer – Review

I recently got a 100 foot expandable hose. Sometimes it’s not always ideal to hook several hoses together. It’s also not ideal to lug those big heavy hoses around.  

hose (1)

The length of this hose is what appealed to me. I needed one long one so I didn’t have to hook several together. I also love the light weight expandable part. Those big thick heavy hoses are sometimes too much for me to lug around while watering and washing the car. I mainly wanted it to reach all the way to the end of the drive and to both sides of my house. Turns out, it reaches all the way to my neighbors driveway! Although, I didn’t let her go over there just for the picture.

hose (4)

100 feet is a lot of hose and it’s so small and lightweight I can handle it doing any job. I am so happy with it. In turn, when it’s contracted it takes up so much less space and it’s so light on those plastic hangers you put on your house to hang it on. I have broken several with the heavy hoses. It never kinks for tangles, another huge bonus. My kid who is 8 can handle it well too.

The sprayer has several functions, the typical 8 that they all have. It is plastic but so far has held up well.

hose (3)

The only thing I wish was different, would be that the connector part on both ends was metal or something more solid than plastic. So far, it’s not an issue, it hasn’t been dropped on the concrete yet, but I’d have rather preferred it be something more solid. I’ve not had any leaks at either end. It does have a quick disconnect/connect. Overall, the hose itself is made of good quality and has made my outside watering/washing needs much, much easier.

hose (2)


Do you like the expandable hoses?


  • Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian September 15, 2016 at 2:02 pm Reply

    My parents have one of these, and they seem to like it quite a bit! I might have to look into one for my house too. Seems like it would make watering the lawn much easier.

  • Everyday Snapshot September 15, 2016 at 2:16 pm Reply

    It makes doing everything easier. So much easier to maneuver than those big heavy ones. And I was amazed at how small it contracts too and how lightweight it is. I absolutely love it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

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